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It is Butete not betute (todpole)

Otto K.

Okay, this is cool. Frog olympics? :-)


The third photo from the top is my favorite of this series. Very cool portrait of a frog - I love the concept.


The 3rd picture from the bottom - priceless picture - side-by-side view of the boy and his dressed up frog is brilliant.

And the last picture - the frog looks already like a toy. Based on the picture, it might be dead already, or preserved, or simply not moving at all (but alive). A Barbie frog doll? ;-)


Haha, there's a score sheet! "Relevance to the theme" and "audience impact" will always be there. What was the theme, though?


voila le saint patron de grenoilles. ^_^ .. il ne semble pas heureux.


This is really entertaining ! Great pics :)


This event pays way too much tribute to the frog. LOL. Unbelievable!

I wonder if there's a part where the frog will finally be dissected...just like in biology class. :-)


Really quirky froggy event,haha


in as much as i enjoy the creativity of the entries, i also feel for the frog. i can't even dress our dog, i mean not long enough to put a headress on. i wonder what they do to the frogs afterwards. hmm. nicely documented Sidney.

Ashish Sidapara

It keeps getting better, superb stuff!


Kawawa naman sila! Pero cute!


Dress a frog?!! I mean live frogs? You really know where to find interesting events Sidney. Those frogs turned out cute though.


I see that other people are wondering the same things I'm wondering. I feel so bad for those poor frogs. :(

kevin anonymous

the frog with the trident is so cool! still, poor frogs..the people had score God, score sheets..

your photos are still amazing. keep it up. haha


I like the Haring Kokak with his recycled "new clothes"!:D
Thanks Sydney for the wonderful photos.


Non là c'est trop ..pauvre bête !

Wim van der Meij

Oh, Sid, this is such a weird series! One could not even begin to imagine a thing like this. I love the ingenuity of the "dresses" and, as always, the colours.
Well done!



oh, poor froggies! imagine what those little frogs had to endure during the fashion show! :-) Nice photos, though.


uhhmm are those frogs dead? haha just that I can't imagine them being still while being dressed by those kids. As far as I know they move a lot hehe

But those were really amazing. I wonder who won. The glittery one is pretty cute :)


Awww it is kindof cute to dress those frogs


im a bio student so im pretty used to seeing frogs and toads in all their glory. but with costumes?! heck, we should have thought of doing that back in lab classes in comparative anatomy!


funny!, nice shots!


That's amazing. The detail on the costumes is really something. It looks like a great time was had by all.

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